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They’re poisoning them early

Her face is the overall emotion that everyone should be experiencing right now

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Right off the bat, I’m gonna say it’s okay to use the word fat. Don’t give it a pretty name because “plus size” models are size 12 and up and are admittedly not that fat. And on top of that they get photoshopped down to have the “right curves” and skinnier arms and no fat rolls and end up being a size 8 in their picture. It’s okay to be fat! It’s okay to have fat! Fat is a-okay!

I’m gonna assume you’re referring to this quick doodle I did to vary my body types. Mind you, there’s 7 people there meaning at least 4 need to be fat to be considered “plus size.” (I’m rounding up bc you know what, majority rules to whether or not I draw them fat) So let’s go down the line.

  • South - wide shoulders, small bust, narrow waist, narrow hips. Inverted triangle body shape. Not fat.
  • 479er - average shoulders, average bust, average waist, wide hips. More of an A frame. Not fat.
  • Carolina - wide shoulders, big bust, average waist, wide hips. Hourglass shape. Not fat. I can see how you’d mistake that though since her thighs are big enough to crush a man’s skull like a sparrow’s egg, but she isn’t fat.
  • CT. narrow shoulders, small bust, narrow waist, narrow hips. Rectangle body shape. Not fat.
  • Tex - average shoulders, small/average bust, narrow waist, narrow hips. Inverted triangle body shape. Not fat.
  • Sister - average shoulders, large bust, large waist, large hips. Oval body shape. Fat.
  • Sheila - narrow shoulders, average bust, large waist, large hips. Pear body shape. Fat.

Literally 2 of these women are fat. The two Blood Gulch women that I drew I might add. Sister, who y’know is Grif’s sister (WHO IS CANONLY OVERWEIGHT) is fat and Sheila (WHO IS A FUCKING TANK) is fat. Sure ARGUE that I draw Carolina fat, but I draw her with abs all the time. She’s literally just curvy. 

I’m gonna take a second to remind you Blood Gulch as a whole does nothing (like literally have you seen Sister or Sheila or anyone in Blood Gulch do what PFL does. NOPE). They’re all canonly out of shape save for like Caboose who is just naturally athletic and has super strength.

And as for the freelancers? Do you really think they have time to be dieting to keep a petite figure when they have to, I dunno, murder people and jump off buildings? People carry weight differently and you’re equating skinny with fit (or that there’s only one type of fit body) and that doesn’t fly because look at all these Olympic bodies RIGHT HERE. And if you’re too lazy to click, here are some of my favorites:

Literally how many of those bodies look super skinny to you? How many of them look like you might call them fat?

Also you’re saying half of them are fat when really I just draw them with really average proportions? To be honest, I’m not interested in catering to just skinny or fit girls with my headcanons (esp considering WOW I STILL DRAW SKINNY AND FIT GIRLS ON THIS BLOG). I’m interested in catering to EVERY girl and I’m interested in catering to my self. It’s important to me that I draw these different body types because do you know how many messages I get that say, “I love how you draw ____ because I’m like that too!” I get a lot of them and it’s important to me to make people feel included. And as an artist it’s important to me to be able to draw more than one female body type. I’m not interested in drawing JUST one type of girl. I want to break the stereotype that girls are only fit when they’re skinny and y’know what, I want fat girls to know they’re just as cute and strong willed and amazing as their favorite character.

And tbh, I don’t see people giving me shit about the men I draw bigger. But y’know what. If you have a problem with how I decide to vary these characters to make them more visually appealing to myself and my audience, you can just not follow me? Not follow people that like my art? There’s plenty of other RvB artists on this site you could follow instead.


"Ryan, you're a mingy little bastard."

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Meet and Greet



A/N; this is one of the longest ones i’ve written ah! i was so stuck with this at first and it turned into a really long fic, hope it’s okay!

Pairing; Ray x Reader

Word Count; 1281

Warnings; a few swears

Summary; You’re playing at a gig with your band, and you make a lasting impression on Ray during a meet and greet.

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You know, Guardians of the Galaxy was not the first film I’ve watched in which Vin Diesel voiced a character that barely spoke and yet destroyed me with a single line of dialogue

need I remind you


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most accurate chart i’ve ever made



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